Sunday, June 3, 2012

UFO Sewing

In summer, I want to feel the wind whistling through my clothing, if there is any wind to be had. By that I mean I like very loose clothing. I sewed  two UFO's today that may work, a T shirt that was complete except for a hem, and a pair of shorts that needed elastic, or a zipper and darts.

The T-shirt had apparently been designed for a very tall or very busty person. Before cutting it, I shortened the body length, but when I tried it on, it hung low enough to be considered a tunic. What the heck, a 2 1/2-inch hem never hurt anyone. The neckline would not be considered too low on Pamela Anderson, but I'm less than thrilled. This T-shirt may never be worn, as the cream background looks pretty awful with my skin tones. I bought the fabric because it was all cotton, had small blue paisleys painted on it, and was forty cents. Perhaps it needs blue ribbing at the neck. Hmmm. Okay, this one is NOT complete.

Pants and shorts that I cut from a pattern always need major alteration. Invariably, even if they are simple drawstring dealies. Imagine my delight when they seemed to fit. Imagine my shock when there was enough fabric to fold over elastic. They were loose but not too loose, short but not too short. I did not have to add a crescent to the back to accommodate my behind. Something had gone wonderfully right.

My pants projects tend to hang around forever in varying stages of completion because I am demoralized by all the refitting, recutting and twiddling that usually needs to be done. Wasting no time, I cut out and sewed on patch pockets, only to find that every seam would have to be resewn because, after all, the thing was BASTED together. Loosely. Sigh. In protest, I used magenta thread on the blue denim shorts, but I finished them. The elastic is encased, the pockets are on, and hems are done. I cheated by adding bias tape to the bottoms because I like longish shorts and losing nearly 2 inches to a hem would kill my soul. I MUST make a pattern from these. I want at least three pairs of loose pull-on shorts for gardening.

Something about having a project come together quickly without needing major alterations is enabling. Perhaps I can use a newish pattern, one printed in the past 5 years. I may even pay full price for cotton knit fabric to make boxy T-shirts that contain no spandex whatsoever and are not the color of an eggplant that has been around way too long. 

Have you ever noticed that the only all-cotton knits that show up in the remnant bin are in colors you wouldn't, couldn't, and shouldn't wear? Check it out. If you want spandex/latex/rubber in your cotton knit, the colors are divine but the stuff is clingy and disobedient when you try to cut it. I am not a fan of clingy, or of cotton/spandex Ts that become form-fitting wet things the instant the temperature hits 85 degrees. I hate trying to peel myself out of form-fitting soggy spandex T-shirts at any temperature. I wish to feel comfortable, and I am comfortable when the shirt is loose enough for a passing breeze to make it billow.