Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Off the Beam

Life is a balancing act and I get the feeling that this week, I've fallen off the beam. I can occasionally use processed food if I add enough fresh produce to it. I thought Sloppy Joe sauce was safe. Sort of like tomato sauce. Just add ground meat and veggies. We all thought it tasted great. And the three of us all had reactions. Mr. Supersweet became cranky and argumentative. I noticed that I was dizzy when I bent over. Then muscles began to ache, the top of my head erupted into a fiery headache and I began to see large copper blobs in the air. I sat down. Ms. Supersweet brought her husband a drink, bent to put it down, and nearly fell over. Wonder what's in that stuff. I'm not digging the can out of the recycle bin to find out.

Not a lot of sewing has gone on, unless you count a Barbie-sized pollera, the woman's national dress of Panama. It is not true to life. I just slammed preruffled eyelet together for the top, and gathered the skirt very full. This is my friend Alicia dancing in a pollera in 1999.