Sunday, December 15, 2013

Incremental Progress

Everything takes eons. I checked online for hardware to reinstall 40-year old premium Kirsch traverse rods. The online search is not entirely satisfactory. I can have brackets for everything else, or all kinds of rods, but not what I ask for. In the end it was simpler to drive to the store and buy a different rod.

Draperies for those sliding glass doors will be remade from draperies made for a house in Laurel, Md. I located the box, persuaded my mother they were right, and she unpicked, ripped and sewed. Being able to handle this large a project seems to have given her a tad more energy. As soon as I am able to spend time on a ladder again, I'll install the new rod.

I attempted to clean the gutters above the patio today. Every time it rains, water comes down in sheets in front of the patio. The corrugated roof has a new-to -me sort of gutter, more than half closed. The space for leaves and silt to sneak into the gutter is only 1 inch wide; that means it's hard to fish things out. I cleared the corrugated area and wiggled a finger in the gutter, but that's not going to do much. A hose and some detergent might help.

While I was on the ladder, a lovely Husky appeared. Ivan, who had been attempting to scale an 8 foot fence, vanished. The dog's owner arrived to assure me that Lola lives with a cat and knows not to annoy the cat. At least not at too close a range. Lola bounced around the base of a tree while Ivan went about 35 feet up. Sweetie went up another tree. Lola made use of our 8/10s of an acre, streaking from one end to the other faster than I care to run. She has an equally large yard of her own, but she had found a hole and intended to make the most of her time. She knew very well that home was just 4 houses away.

Ivan and Sweetie seemed to enjoy the view from the top of leafless trees, and didn't come down until suppertime. Why yes, they would accept a serving of food meant for people in addition to their regular meals.

The living room is still a maze of boxes. I've moved bookcases around, moving boxes to do so. In the end, some of the larger pieces will stay where the movers deposited them because I'm tired. I've been here 6 weeks. I want to put out a bowl of Christmas ornaments, empty boxes, replace rotting draperies that came with the house with my beloved creamy cotton duck from Dayton. Those draperies remain stubbornly among the missing.

Washing and sanding the insides of drawers and cupboards left them dingy. The 44 degree days outnumber the 77 degree days, but my determination not to paint anything until I can open windows is wavering. An almost perfect can of icy blue paint appeared at the reduced paint rack in a store near me. I bought it, and a quart of white, and am mightily tempted. Until they are painted, I will not be unpacking much. And there are all those drawers from the original kitchen. They can be bolted together and used as shelving for the garage, if I paint them.

The bedrooms will look better when the bookcase headboards are installed. This waits for a bright warm day.