Friday, June 24, 2011

I Hate Nylon Knits

Another day, another sewing disaster. For 20 years, sewing lingerie  fabrics was impossible because I had a Kenmore Snarl-o-Matic sewing machine, a machine that could and would chew up anything other than cotton no matter how clean and well-oiled it was -- all because the one place the manual did not say to oil was the only place that really really needed it.

I have a Bernina 1230 now. The only place you oil a Bernina  is a little screw in the bobbin casing. I tried it on Snarly, and he worked beautifully. So well, in fact, that I was able to give him to a niece who has had no trouble at all with him.

Some things don't change. Nylon knits snarl when I sew them. Today I offered the Bernina  four short seams and some gathering of a nylon nightgown. It sewed one seam nicely. It tried to stuff 8 inches into 1/4 inch on the second. We had a brief discussion, which I won. Periodically, while nicely gathering a long  piece, it would hang in one area, creating bits where the gathers do not slide.The Bernina won that battle.

I am certain that someone with more experience sewing nylon knits would not have these problems. I am certain that I will never have more experience sewing nylon knits. I will finish this nylon project and never never never go near the stuff again. I will henceforth and forevermore wear old lady cotton  knit undies rather than go near nylon knits again. I will not sew polyester, either. Silk, cotton, rayon, wool, linen and blends, I will sew. Maybe.